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ICO Bounty Programs:


One of the most effective campaigns, we track all views.

Social Marketing

We monitor Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Blogging & Articles

Offer bounties for news, blogs and articles.

Whitepaper Translations

Only legitimate translations, by experts.

Signature Campaigns

This targets the elite on the bitcointalk forum.

Outsource Everything

Focus on launching, and we take care of the rest.


We help you launch an ICO bounty program. We take care of all the work. We monitor your ICO campaign, we connect with bounty hunters, and we ensure tracking of all bounties. Our compensation is 1% of the ICO coin distribution. To participate, please contact us.

Bounty Hunters
Bounty Types

Professional Whitepaper Translations

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Metaverse and smart contracts


Do you manage all bounty hunters?

We offer a fully comprehensive service. We manage all aspects of your ICO bounty program. Simply link to your bounty page and we will take care of the rest.

What type of bounties do you deal with?

Blogging, YouTube videos, bitcointalk signature programs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

What is the cost?

We charge a flat fee which amounts to 1% of the coins that are to be distributed during the ICO process. For example, if you are selling 1 million coins, we would receive 10000 coins.

Blogging & YouTube Submissions

These are the most important. We rate submissions between 1 and 10, based on quality, readership, unique website, etc. The higher the points the higher the reward.

What about posting in Bitcointalk?

Our research indicates that offering bounties for posting in your forum thread does more harm than good. It inflates the number of posts, devalues your brand, and takes away the quality of the thread. We do not recommend this.

Where do we send bounty hunters to?

We will offer you a dedicated Google document page for both you and bounty hunters to monitor.

Whitepaper Translations?

We work with bounty hunters that have a proven history of translating whitepapers.We only hire experts which offers higher quality of translations and a reduced number of errors.

How soon can I start?

Campaigns can be started within 72 hours. Please contact us below with your ICO information, and the expected launch date of the bounty program.

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